5 Gifts for Your Gadget Freak Husband

Is your husband a gadget freak? Does he love advance technology and everything that comes with it? Because if that’s the case then you must find him a gift that will blow him away; since he probably has the latest smartphone, you should turn your attention to other smart devices that are equally enticing. Before making a decision, check out these 5 latest ideas.

1.      Powerbeats Wireless Headphones

The newest Powerbeats Wireless Headphones by Dr. Dre were inspired by the famous LeBron James. They’re exceptionally light and powerful thanks to dual-driver acoustics meant to boost even the toughest, most rigorous workout routines. The in-ear headphones have a water- and sweat-resistant rating; they mold perfectly on RemoteTalk thus becoming non-slippery when you want to switch tracks, change volume or make hands-free calls. Feel free to work out anywhere with Powerbeats 2 Wireless. This cool gadget stays connected to Bluetooth at a maximum distance of 30 feet. Designed to match with people’s active lifestyles, this is the ultimate gift idea for your significant other.

2.      Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

Samsung’s Gear 2 smartwatch stands out because it features a built-in speaker. It can send out all sorts of important data via audio. The wearer can activate voice command and ask questions like “What’s the weather?” to find out the forecast. The gadget can also be used as a speakerphone, thus making incoming calls easier to answer. To initiate a phone call you can use voice command too. The device comes with basic smartwatch features; it pulls out notifications from your smartphone through Bluetooth, it tells the time and it runs basic apps.

3.      Nintendo New 3DS

Rather than come up with a whole new device, Nintendo has decided to tweak the old 3DS and make it better. The new device packs a more powerful processor and it features a slightly bigger screen size. The greatest improvement is the addition of 3D. It no longer demands players to look straight at the display. If you move your head the effect won’t fade away. Some other cool add-ons are retro coloring on the buttons, and a more comfortable, ergonomic feel of the handheld console. Your husband will certainly appreciate that you don’t mind he’s a game freak too. The latest Nintendo 3DS is an excellent gift idea.

4.      Dell XPS 13 Laptop

Dell has done it again! The IT company has created a revolutionary ultrabook with a display of 13.3 inch and a body that looks just like MacBook Air 11, only cheaper. The screen supports touch and it packs a QHD resolution. There are 3 different models available, all of them with Windows 8 incorporated, Intel HD graphics, 8 GB or RAM and dual band Wi-Fi. If you think your husband won’t dig the basic version of the Dell XPS 13, you can upgrade from 256 GB to a whopping 512 GB. For some extra juice, there’s a portable charger available (which you can use for your table and smartphone too).

5.      Kindle Voyage

Is your husband a tech freak and an avid reader? The newest Amazon Kindle Voyage is not just an average e-reader, but a really cool gadget everyone should own. In spite of a rather high price ($199), this gizmo has a glass-covered display, 300 ppi and a feel that makes reading ebooks a real pleasure. Kindle Voyage packs 4 GB of internal storage, 3G options and a battery that can last up to 30 days. Thinner, lighter and featuring new adaptive brightness, your husband will be pleasantly impressed with your gift.

Out of hundreds of tech gadgets available in the marketplace, it’s understandable why making a selection is tough. When you’re married with a tech freak, buying him something he doesn’t already have can be nerve-racking. It’s always a good idea to think outside the box and invest in a gadget that’s new and unusual. This is the only chance you have to make an impression on your loved one. Don’t buy him the most famous smartphone, tablet or laptop, and dig a bit deeper. You’ll find tech devices that are even better than the ones we already know and own. Do you have the patience to wow your gadget freak husband with an ingenious gift idea?

By Peter Smith and Veritasgifts.co.uk!



Finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend’s birthday can be tricky. Every once in a while, we have all invested in shoes, shirts, scrapbooks, etc. How about going an extra mile on his upcoming birthday and finding a gift that will make your boyfriend happier than ever? You will be surprised to know that there are many good gifts that you can get your boyfriend on his birthday. Below are some of the best birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.

Best birthday gifts for boyfriend:

Something to do with his hobbies:

So your boyfriend is into taking pictures and you are yet to decide what to gift him on his upcoming birthday. There is no better gift than buying him a camera. Go for a professional DSLR camera and it is something that is going to be with him forever. Your boyfriend will cherish as well as appreciate this gift, knowing that you pay attention to his likes and hobbies. Similarly, you can invest in a lot of other gifts as well. For instance, a collection of ancient coins will be great if your boyfriend is into collecting such things and so on.

For the gadget freak:

No matter what age group a man belongs to, he certainly loves being around gadgets. Find out the gadget your guy is keeping his eye upon and buy it for his birthday. A brand new tablet, smart phone, etc. are some of the most common gifts in this category. However, you can make an edge over these by investing in a smart Breakfast/ Sandwich maker or an instant Coffee machine. Guys are wary about working in the kitchen and these gifts will definitely make a difference to their busy schedules. Other popular gifts in this category involve Trimmers and similar grooming gadgets.

For the punctual boyfriend:

Guys are often criticized for their carefree nature. If your guy is one of those less punctual beings, then buying a watch will be the perfect birthday present for him. There are endless choices to choose from and investing in a branded watch will be just perfect. If your budget allows, buy a Rolex or a Burberry for him. He will be thrilled to get this expensive gift from you and maybe he might also show up on time in the future. Guys are seen to have an affinity for Rolex, it being the king of all watch brands.

For the fashionista:

Gone are the days when dressing up and accessorizing was considered to be a girly thing. These days, guys are also seen wearing the latest trends in the fashion industry. They have also started to pay a lot of attention towards the way they look as well as accessorize. Look for the latest trend in men’s clothing and gift your boyfriend a pair of branded attire. Summers are arriving and almost every international brand is decking up their shelves. Go through all this stuff and buy something to go with your boyfriend’s personality and choices.

For the man who loves to accessorize:

This section of the men’s wardrobe has definitely widened over the last few years. Cufflinks, ties, wallets, belts, etc. can be a great addition into your boyfriend’s wardrobe. Customized cufflinks have become an all- time favorite among guys and your boyfriend will also like a pair of cool cufflinks.

Take him on a sports date:

Guys have an unexplained affinity with sports and games. For your boyfriend’s next birthday, arrange tickets for his favorite sports game and give him a surprise by taking him into the stadium blindfolded. If you could arrange VIP stand tickets for him, girl you have made your boyfriend the happiest man on earth.

Romantic getaway:

This birthday present is viable only when the two of you are working and making money of your own. Take time from your busy schedule and take your boyfriend on a romantic holiday. Handle everything from booking tickets to making hotel reservations and you have just created one of the world’s best experiences for your guy.

Author: Shorya Bist is an online entrepreneur and a blogger. He loves to help people by providing useful content on his blog and as a guest author to other blogs. You can find his work on Bestbirthdaygiftsideas.com, where he assists people for any kind of help related to birthday.


The Psychology of Gift Giving

There is some level of strange psychology when it comes to giving gifts, regardless of the nature of the gift or the occasion. Some people simply hate the exchange of gifts and will protest vehemently when it comes to exchanging or asking for gifts. It may make them feel uncomfortable, as it can put a bit of strain on any relationship when a gift becomes involved.
When it comes to reluctant gift givers and accepters, there are a few tips you can follow which may help ease their anxiety, should you ever want to – perish the thought – give them a gift!

Spontaneous Gifts
You might be walking down the street and see something that a friend, relative or significant other would just love to have. It’s not too expensive, so why not buy it? If it is under £10, then it is perfectly acceptable for you to grab it as a one off gift. Don’t do it too often though as your recipient may feel as if you are trying to win them over for something.

Sometimes it is good to emphasize that you happened to see it while out and knew they would like it, and that the happy look on their face is enough payment for you. We are a suspicious race, so don’t be offended if your friend or relative expresses concern or thinks there might be something wrong with it! Just laugh it off; in the end, if they refuse to accept your gift, don’t pressure them too much into it, it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Planned Gifts for Occasions
Planning gifts to give to each other is the easiest thing in this list for the reluctant recipient. It is good to set a budget and to stick to it, because then it ensures that neither participant gives a gift that is of a significantly higher value than the other. Even better is if all participants give a small list of things they would like. The most common example of this is at Christmas, where people ask for specific gifts.

It may seem silly; all these rules for gift giving, but it can save on a lot of awkward tension when it comes to actually giving the gift in the end!

Surprise Gifts
Similar to spontaneous gifts in that the recipient has no idea they are about to receive a gift, however surprise gifts generally require a lot more planning and they can be for a special occasion or just to show your gratitude.

When giving surprise gifts, sometimes it is good to prepare a speech beforehand detailing how the recipient has affected your life, particularly if it is a big event, as it will help them to accept the gift by reminding them the positive effect they have had on your life.

When in Doubt – Play it Safe
If you’re not sure what to get them, sometimes you might think some alcohol or chocolate would be a good idea; who doesn’t like generic gifts? Most people in fact. If you have absolutely no idea, it is best to stick with ye olde gift of cash. They will appreciate the sentiment, particularly if you put it in a heartfelt or comical card – depending on personal preference – and then they’ll be able to get what they want with the money given to them!


Jenny Walden is a mother to one little boy and is always on the look-out for unique gifts for a variety of occasions. In her spare time she writes about the unique gifts she comes across and about general gift giving on behalf of Kate’s Jewellery who specialize in handprint and silver jewelry.


The Best Valentine’s Day Card Verses

As you struggle, pen in hand, staring down that blank card, to come up with something to properly express your Valentine’s Day emotions…

See if our friends at Cherished Memories can help with a verse:

Cherished-Memories-Info graphic


Anniversary Gifts by Year

Although some may find the list of tradition and modern gifts don’t allow for creativity, others think just the opposite. And then there are also the people who are just happy to have a starting point! With so many differing opinions, it makes you wonder how two of these lists came to be in the first place. That’s where the trail goes cold. No one is entirely sure when or why the first traditional list was created. It’s estimated that it was during the Victorian Era when anniversary parties were popular.

As for the modern list, it was updated to provide more practical options. They also added gifts for years that the traditional list didn’t cover, all the way to 75 years.

Whether or not you chose to use these lists are completely up to you. Chances are your spouse will be fine with anything you get, or perhaps they don’t even know the lists exist. It does provide a nice starting point if you’re not quite sure what to get though. Rather than having millions of item to pick from, you can narrow it down to only those that involve “paper”. And on the flip side, some people will enjoy the challenge of finding a unique gift within the category that will be appreciated.


Anniversary Traditional Modern
1st Paper Clock
2nd Cotton China
3rd Leather Glass
4th Linen, Fruit Appliances
5th Wood Silverware
6th Iron, Sugar Wood
7th Wool, Copper Pen or Pencil Set
8th Bronze Linens, Lace
9th Pottery Leather
10th Tin Diamond Jewelry
11th Steel Jewelry, Accessories
12th Silk Pearls
13th Lace Fur
14th Ivory Gold Jewelry
15th Crystal Watches
20th China Platinum
25th Silver Silver
30th Pearle Diamond
35th coral Jade
40th Ruby Ruby
45th Sapphire Sapphire
50th Gold Gold
55th Emerald Turqoise
60th Diamond Diamond


When all else fails, there’s always chocolate and flowers!


Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette

Weddings are generally an expensive affair for everyone involved. Guests are responsible for several presents, and the couple will tend to spend a lot on the event. Originally, the tradition of bridal showers started as a means for a couple to get married without a dowry. If the bride’s father didn’t approve of the match, he would forbid the union and withhold the dowry. We have come a long way from that, but the gesture has stuck around. Don’t give gifts just because you feel like you have to; give them to celebrate the union and support the couple’s new lives together.

Since it’s pretty much expected that you bring something (even if it’s a small token), who should get what? It all depends on several things. To start with, what’s your relationship with the bride? Is she your best friend, daughter, family friend, or someone you just met? Bridal shower gifts should be more personal and thoughtful than a typical present. Definitely try to put some thought into it so that it tells the story of your relationship with the bride. Hosts should also give something to the bride even though they took care of the party.It doesn’t have to be much, just make the gesture.

That being said, you probably already picked out an actual wedding gift you know the couple will love (even if your wallet doesn’t!). Your shower gift should be much less expensive. A great way to do that is by “dressing” the present up with things you can do yourself. Include a heartwarming note, or make the card your self! There are lots of easy ways to make a simple gift stand out. If you feel a big purchase is necessary, then team up with the other ladies and split the cost.

Another factor to consider is the brides registry. Should you pick out her shower gift from it? Does she even have a registry? Go with your gut on this one. Registry gifts are much less personal, but at the same time you know the bride will like it. It really depends on who you’re buying for, and how much you can spend. If there are only big ticket items, then it’s probably best to find something else.

Sometimes it’s not clear if the present should also be useful for the groom as well. While going with a typical kitchen type item will probably ensure they both get to use it, bridal showers are generally just for the bride. Many showers will have a theme to follow anyway. If the gift you pick out works for them both, then great; but don’t worry about it otherwise.

So what happens if your invitation has a theme written on it? Hopefully it’s a broad subject, but in some cases you may have to ask the maid-of-honor for some guidance. Some common themes are colors, around-the-clock, spa, lingerie, and kitchen. There are literally thousands of other possible themes, so just use your imagination. It’s supposed to be fun, not stressful!

On the flip side, will the bride be giving out gifts too? It really all depends on the bride. Some like to give something small as a thank you. Others may just write a simple thank you note, or even give you a hug. It’s always a good idea for the bride to give the host something though. A nice bottle of wine and a note is perfect and simple.

It’s important not to get too hung up on bridal shower gift etiquette though. Keep in mind that this is a celebration! The most important thing is to let the bride-to-be know how much you care and treasure your friendship; let her know how happy you are for her!


Easy Homemade Gifts

I love giving out homemade gifts. They allow a lot of creativity, and can often be done on a budget. For most occasions I would rather spend some time creating a one-of-a-kind item than purchasing something off of a shelf. Making things at home doesn’t have to be hard, and you can even have things prepared ahead of time.

If you have a hobby like sewing, knitting or carpentry, then there are tons of options. You can find thousands of patterns and tutorials online to guide you through the process. However, not everyone has the time or tools for those projects. So, here are a few easy homemade gifts you can make with simple supplies.


Vanilla Extract

One of my favourite gifts is homemade vanilla extract. It’s not as daunting as it sounds! It’s a perfect small gift to a host, or as a thank you. It all starts with some quality vanilla beans that can be bought online or at a specialty shop. The better quality they are, the more flavorful it will become. In most cases you can get quite a few for under $20. You will also need a glass jar and some vodka (or bourbon).

Simply slice up 3-6 vanilla beans and submerge them in the alcohol. Make sure the lid is on tightly, and that the beans are completely covered. Let them do their magic for 3 months, and give the jar a good shake once a week. The end result will be an amazing extract that is so much better than store bought. If you don’t want to leave the extract in the original jar, fill up a small vial or pretty flask and add a decorative label. Although this needs to be done in advance, you can easily make a bunch to store them for later use.


Tied Fleece Blanket

A more time sensitive project is a tied fleece blanket (no sewing required!). They are especially great for kids since you can buy some amazing patterned fleeces. You will need two pieces that are 8 inches bigger than your intended size. The fringe on each side should be about 4”. Line up your two pieces of fabric and cut out all four corners. The cuts don’t have to be perfect; no one will see them once they are tied! Then simply cut your fringe all the way around, making sure you go through both pieces of fabric. Once that is finished you just need to tie the top and bottom layer with a simple knot. Now you have a beautiful handmade blanket!


Cookies in a Jar

Cookies in a jar is another fantastic handmade gift idea. If you have someone on your list that loves one of your deserts, then they will love this. Although all you really need is a jar with a lid and the ingredients, you can use tons of things from around the house to decorate the jar. Fabric and paper dress up the jar very easily and can be completely customized. Basically you just layer the dry ingredients for visual effect and close the jar! It’s a good idea to write cooking instructions on a tag and attach it to the jar. You can also include the recipe if it isn’t a secret.


Homemade Clock

The last homemade gift idea we have for you is more artistic and decorative. A homemade clock will make a lovely gift and is easier than you may think! You can easily pick up all the supplies for about $20. While there is definitely lots of ways you can make one that is bigger and better, we’re going to stick with basic for now. You’ll need the clock movement box, tape or glue, a canvas, paint and brushes. The movement box can be found online, or at a hobby shop for $5-10. To start, decorate your canvas. Don’t feel the need to stick to the standard layout, make it your own! It’s a great chance to be extremely creative. If you’d like to add buttons, fabric or anything else you can think of, just glue them on. Once the paint and glue has dried, make a small hole for the shaft and insert it. Add the set of hands, glue or tape the movement box in place, and you’re done! In about an hour you’ve made a truly unique gift that someone will love.


Homemade gifts can be as simple as making an origami box from a sheet of paper, or cutting out the pattern for a creative and unique card. Just be creative! There’s nothing quite like receiving something you know a loved one has put real effort into. They dedicated their time to make something special and unique just for you. So, be the one to put a smile on their face this time around!

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