About Us

A quartet of good friends near Buffalo, New York got married in the same summer in the late 1990s. Each year since, they’ve taken turns using the traditional and modern anniversary gifts idea (you know, paper for 1st anniversary, etc.) to drop off surprise theme gifts for each other. This wonderful tradition is the inspiration for this website – more than a decade of coming with new, creative, meaningful gift ideas is HARD! Wouldn’t it be great if you could find easy “gift lists” for all of life’s many gift buying occasions?

GiftWiz is here to help!

GiftWiz serves online users seeking quick and simple gift purchasing ideas. GiftWiz has two (2) main functions:

(1) GiftWiz Ideas: Visitors select from a simple set of criteria describing the gift occasion and recipient to receive a short list of categorized gift ideas with links to purchase offsite. GiftWiz earns a commission if the visitor ends up purchasing this gift from the merchant website.

(2) GiftWiz Reminders: Visitors provide their email address and basic gift recipient information to receive reminders of gift purchasing ideas via email prior to upcoming gift purchasing events.

The GiftWiz service,  the website gift-wiz.com , and the related functions operate under the management of TelaFocus LLC.